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The 5 top rated points on CBA software

Among all the solutions that are on the market to manage the coordination of business activities, Coordinates + it stands to meet a number of characteristics highly valued by companies when they step to tailor your system manual work and choose a specific management software because it saves time, improves productivity and…

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Updated Documentation

To Control all carriers and service providers that have access each day to a logistics platform or a large production center, is an arduous and complex task, that gives a lot of work. Documentación en Regla Disponer de toda la documentación en regla, is not an end in itself, sino un

New carrier, foreign and paperless, what to do?

The typical carrier reaching the facility without completing even one only the coordination of business activities requirements. How should we manage it? The majority of companies that have been found in that situation, They have chosen to define an appropriate procedure to their particular reality, to alleviate the legal shortcomings of the…