Traceability and allocation trailers - TAT

T.A.T. is our application for tracking and allocating trailers. A comprehensive and appropriate solution to take control of your fleet, knowing their status, location and service at all times.

TAT helps operators manage traffic resources of their fleets with different types of vehicles, tank, containerhandler, remoques, semitrailers, tractors ... etc., optimizing time and controlling them permanently. Its main benefits are:

  • Increases productivity
  • Save runtime
  • It facilitates planning

With TAT avoid having the fleet information systems unreliable, e-mails, Excel sheets, etc., getting more visibility and control equipment for traffic management.

managed in one step all information and avoiding having to repeat, duplicate and copy information in different media, unifying tasks in a single application, to avoid failures.


It is very easy to use and do not need to make any course traffic operator. With a single click the tractor is assigned to remoque being registered:

  • Change
  • Situation
  • Date
  • Service

Saving management time

We get savings 5 minutes assignment operation or change trailer, which if multiplied by the number of daily operations, saving time is very important.

TAT is ready and is compatible with most current systems ETC, ERP Y FALLS OFF.

And fulfilling Legality

The traffic coordinator will have updated information and documentation relevant legal operations, approved the allocation of carriers and services to their trailers, the current status of documentation of a tractor, and knowledge of the situation of the carrier and the fleet.

All this will allow you to make objective decisions with real data services and delegating responsibilities to be appropriate all 100% registered in the database.

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