trade agreements

CheckPlus Audit is a powerful mobility solution, that automates tasks capture variables to monitor compliance with the various activities of departments Trade Marketing and Distribution. It provides real time data for streamlining decision-making of your department.

The application Checkplus Audit allows audit and inspect the inputs on the commercial network, points of sale, products, vehicle fleets, quality and process control, interior/exterior advertising, deployment of campaigns, corporate image of your organization, among others.

Mode technology Cloud It makes it easy to secure access since any device. Can at any time monitor compliance with trade agreements and assess the achievement of your KPIs. Get visibility and transparency of the work done by a digital safe and customizable solution.


The application is CheckPlus Audit:

  • Suitable for all types of profiles and online access from any device.
  • Increased productivity.Get reliable data in real time, streamlining the decision-making process.
  • Database hosted on our secure technological platform that eliminates the danger of misplacing or duplicate data and transcription errors.
  • Audit CheckPlus adapt to your business KPIs.
  • In a single platform they can report all departments. It's completely configurable, tailored to the needs of the different partners of your organization.
  • GPS location of data collection device.
audit of your brand image