gestión y custodia documental
Reduce tiempo en la gestion de facturas y albaranes

One of the problems in the enterprise is the flow control document generated by the management of invoices and packing slips. A lost invoice, a poorly introduced shipment or inefficient file can lead to a significant loss of money and time.

Document management service will help you to optimize administrative resources by automating the process of management of invoices and packing slips through the digitization of all documents, freeing the Organization of a non-strategic area cost-effectively.

What is document management?

Document management is the process of standards and techniques that allow the company to manage your documentation workflow, using manual techniques or technologies achieving efficiency and productivity as well as safety and confidentiality.

The Mission of a document management system is the traceability, storage and organization of documents or images; estos documentos no suelen tener una estructuración de contenido, called unstructured information, to that must be added to legal effects and internals, they must be properly managed to rationalize its use.

Benefits of document management

The main advantage that document management systems over older methods 100% hand-made, is saving time and resources.

Bad management of the documentation, the loss, tampering or deterioration of any kind of document can derive in incalculable costs .

¿Por qué el Outsourcing de la Gestión Documental con Adding Plus?

We aspire to be a reference in quality not in quantity, We want to understand each client's business to provide you with a unique solution, personalized, value-added.

The sizing of the physical space, de personal o la tecnología a utilizar es un obstáculo fácil de salvar con el outsourcing de gestión documental de Adding Plus.

Moving internal processes is a strategic decision of the company, never easy, but the conviction of let this work in expert hands and turn it into an asset, it's a safe bet for the future.

En Adding Plus, We offer a process of outsourcing based on experience and technology, ensuring the protection and accessibility to information, with the aim of reducing costs, increase quality, productivity and efficiency.

Beneficios directos de la externalización con Adding Plus:

  • Physical space recovery in their facilities
  • Cost reduction in footage
  • Labour costs saving and human resources release
  • File Management and consulting - on line 24/7
  • Effective physical documents localization
  • Loss of documents prevention
  • Integrity of documents guarantee
  • Document management platform the online
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Convert fixed costs to variable costs
  • Fluency in financial departments