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Adding Plus's commitment is to maximize the productivity of any company through training programs and specific development aimed at increasing the performance of individuals and teams in their work environments.

continually improving performance, security and health, the return on investment in training depends solely on the objective and deadlines established for that. Perfectly measurable variables, controllable and manageable.

Identify where and how to form, focusing on the purpose of each action, guarantee success.

Continuous improvement:

  • Performance of individuals and teams in their work environments.
  • Security and health.
  • ROI in training

What do we do

We tailor our training and development services to the requirements of the different functional areas of the company both technically and at management level in the fields of:

  • Prevention of occupational hazards (ORP).

Behavior-based security. Health promotion. Coordination of Business Activities. Specific training in PRL (Law 31/1995 Occupational Risk Prevention, art.19). First Aid and AED. Fire extinguishing and self-protection.


  • Road Safety and Safe Driving.

Road safety knowledge. Techniques safe and efficient driving closed circuit. Development of safe driving in open circuit. Inspections planned. reeducation vial. Specific programs Transport and Storage of Dangerous Goods (ADR). Driving trucks and lifting platforms.


  • Development of Personal Skills and Professional.

Acorde al World Economic Forum Group:

Communication and relationship skills. Analytical thinking and innovation. active learning and learning strategies. Creativity, originality and initiative. technological thinking, scientific, conceptual and concrete. Critical thinking and analysis. simple solving complex problems. Leadership and social influence. emotional intelligence. Reasoning, problem solving and ability to generate ideas. Systematic analysis and evaluation.


  • Change and Transformation digital

Awareness of the importance of digital transformation into a technological and socio-economic environment dynamic, in alignment with the culture and the business model of each company. Facilitating the use of available technology and adaptation to new processes and work flows designed agile.

Training services and development:

  • Prevention of occupational hazards.
  • road safety and safe driving.
  • Development of personal and professional skills.
  • Change and digital transformation.


  • Metodolodía didactics.

Design content for training objectives. Action parameters adaptable to the needs of the customer (objectives, duration, groups, Schedule, dates, profile participants). Planning, execution, evaluation, control and monitoring of each action to achieve the training objective.


  • Presential
  • Online


  • Methodology Behavioral Based Safety (BBS).

By observation and workgroups, We identify those key behaviors and build awareness for safe performance and daily cash, ensuring repetition with reinforcement and adequate follow.

BBS methodology allows us to diagnose, training and intervention in executive processes of the organization for continuous improvement of its results and develop a positive attitude at work, at all levels of intervention. Also open new spaces of communication and participation we can in alignment with the culture of the organization.

Applied to people management becomes a key tool talent development and team management.
Immediate results are reinforcing each developed process.

It is directly applicable safety and health, driving, production, Logistics and Transportation, business and people development.

scientific Bases:

  • Cognitive Psychology-Behavioral (behavior and cognition).
  • Positivist psychology.
  • Organizational Behavioral (management).

teaching methodologies:

  • Action parameters adaptable to the needs of the customer.

BBS permite:

  • Continuous Improvement Process.
  • Developing a positive attitude at work.
  • Open new spaces of communication and participation.

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The ability of an organization to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, It is the competitive advantage.

Jack Welch

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