Efficient management of the documentation Coordination of Business Activities

What you offer this software CAE management?

  • Coordination transversal and integrated: Ensures the involvement of the various functional teams to achieve objectives CAE.
  • Safety and preventive awareness: reduce to zero the risk of root, automatically manages all necessary documentation for compliance with the Act 31/1995 Coordination of Business Activities.
  • Productivity: reduces administrative time and document management. Increases performance teams.
  • Customized solution: aligns the interests of the organization with the requirements of the CAE, to build the right solution, obtaining optimum results without large disbursements of money.

Coordinates + ® is a powerful SaaS online that manages the flow of documentation resulting from the coordination of business activities efficiently, safe and easy. It's 100% online, without complicated installations and no equipment expenses, servers or backup copies.

It improves businesses productivity and decreases staff costs, frees CBA managers from routine administration tasks and improves the whole process.

Real time updates, allows us to optimize time management and staff involved.

From any computer connected to the internet, an authorized user can manage more than 1500 validations per month, fast and safely, and has full access to all documentation . All accesses are controlled, through identification and automatic validation, ensuring strict compliance with the law of coordination of business activities. An automated alerts system, generates warnings about outdated or expiring documentation . It offers a total control over access to subcontractors through identification and automatic document validation, it becomes an essential tool for the proper management of the coordination of business activities, and guarantees compliance with the Law of Coordination of Business Activities.

Presentation of Coordina +