Intact Plus is a technology-based solution that assesses how road safety is managed in the company and how it could be done more effectively and profitably using data and observations.

What is INTACT +

Referring to the context of application development ISO 39001:2012 laying aims to continuously improve road safety in the company, INTACT+ It proposes and prioritizes specific intervention actions to eliminate or reduce occupational accidents and traffic while improving driving in itinere and mission workers in their daily activity and work.

INTACT+ assesses the development potential of each organization in road safety and identifies specific driving patterns depending on:

  • Level of road safety in the company.
  • Accident risk exposure of labor trafficking.
  • Particular style of driving.
  • Impact efficient driving.

How does it work

Through two questionnaires and drive monitoring, We identify road safety culture in the company and risk driving style of each driver.

  • INTACT+ identifies risk of accident labor trafficking.
  • It provides recommendations for improving road safety plan of the company.
  • Aiming to reduce labor traffic accidents in itinere and mission.
road safety in the company

INTACT + integration in the road safety system company

INTACT+ generates information and knowledge to:

  • Assess factors risk exposure ATL.
  • Prevention form for road safety.
  • Develop the mobility plan of the company.
  • Investigate accidents and incidents of labor trafficking.
  • Get the traceability of driving each way.

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