Avoid access issues to your carriers/operators at your customer's premises, due to lack of documentation regarding CBA. With Coordina + OUT, you will have a powerful tool to ensure compliance with your carriers (suppliers). Give compliance requirements CBA from your customers, agile and effectively, aspect lacking other generalist platforms not designed specifically for logistics.

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The Problem

One of our clients, a logistics operator, suffered from serious problems of documentary compliance to access its customers facilities:

  • Carriers they were not allowed to enter the customers warehouse because required documentation wasn't updated, that meant loss of time and KPI's breach “regarding service levels”.
  • A high volume of customers and the number of carriers and external
    they involved a significant workload
    to traffic and administration departments, making it very difficult to have all the required documentation
  • The increasing number of requirements to comply with and different CBA platforms
    from its customers, considerably increased the difficulty and cost
    for the fulfilment of the CBA obligations.

The solution

Given the requirements volume and frequency , we chose to establish a Help Desk for employees, Customers and external, that is responsible for all management, in such a way, the traffic Department only deals with their tasks, everything else is fixed from our facilities.


  • Allows extra staff savingsin after-sales departments and customer management to attend growing demand (savings estimated are €50,000 per year).
  • Gasps attributed to our customer were reduced a 85% regarding, access on the premises of third parties.
  • A 100% compliance of external platforms documentation records .
  • Improvement of their competitiveness conditions in tender's because the additional costs have now dimensional falls which is applying another platform that is not Coordina+.
  • Online workers signarture updates in new versions of
    documents (Emergency plans, self-protection etc.) by signing on touch screen, without physical documentation by mail, the cost reduction of messaging ( .. 3.000,00€/ year approx).

There are many and varied tools for the coordination of business activities but all of them focus on the control of compliance of suppliers. Coordina + also , solves the problem that generates the compliance with requirements of your customers.