Avoid the penalty for breaking a time window of delivery on large surfaces. Using Controla + you will get your serial information real time, real place and you can refute allegations of inadequate penalties.

no más penalizaciones por incumplimiento de ventana horaria

The Problem

Our client, a leading manufacturer in the consumer goods sector, was having issues related to customers unloading window times breach through SDF deliveries . He received penalties for infringement but could not check the veracity of them. Transports were not of their own and the responsible part of their logistic operators did not have, in the majority of cases, GPS systems.

This situation generated a series of issues:

  • They had budgeted a specific allocation for cost penalty for breach of window
    time, (This year already surpassed the €60,000).
  • It gave a feeling of lack of control (whenever a customer alleged it,
    our customer had to pay unverified non-compliance schedule).
  • Issues in planning demand.

The solution

A system of accreditation of deliveries through mobile technology Controla +, allowed all carriers to prove schedules, in location and characteristics of the discharge through an App that is installed in their own smartphones (including barcodes scanning (on SAP delivery bills) and image capture to rule out further charges by breakage/loss).


  • A 100% reduction on penalties non accredited time window (delivery planned vs delivery made).
  • Improvement of the perception of control of carriers and customers.
  • Reduction of KPI regarding terms invoices reception billing, the carrier, in the very act of delivery's accreditation, the delivery note is sent by reading the barcode with the app.

There are other applications for data capture in the field, but they are not designed specifically for logistics and transport. They are basic apps of certain functionality that do not offer sufficient consistency to ensure full security to the customer.