Get a homogeneous operating process in your warehouses network to get the best quality standards. Checkplus Audit collects inputs from field in each warehouse, even in self-control mode. Saving you from instability problems of Excel and gaining time and clarity for the resolution of non-conformities.

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The Problem

Our client, world leader in manufacturing and marketing of dairy products for mass consumption, needed to stabilize the capture of inputs in its national network of distributors.
The audit and inspection done by its internal auditors team , plus an outsourced field inspectors team , highly professional, but data was collected and introduced manually in unstable and heterogeneous media. the situation resulted in problems requiring rapid and effective action:

  • Excessive waste of time transferring data from paper to spreadsheets; It was estimated that each questionnaire required 17 recorded minutes, so 6 own auditors plus 8 external staff capturing an average of 12 questionnaires each one per month, they would give a result equal to an annual loss of more than 500 hours.
  • The transcription errors had an impact on the information obtained, making doubt on its reliability and validity.
  • The communication of the non-conformities and the subsequent follow up of corrective actions, was poor and the agreements taken were not always reliably shared by all actors.

The solution

On the basis of our platform Checkplus Audit we developed a specific system collection of inputs , with two features:

  • 1° Mobile, for Auditors in field.

  • 2° Fixed, for "patterns of self-control" centers.

  • Achievements

    • Economic savings estimated in + 12.000€ in duplication of tasks (questionnaires recordings).
    • Reliability and validity of the information collected, apart from the systems instability and differences with Auditors criteria.
    • Substitute providers for convenience external audit, by having its own management system.
    • Multidepartamental, as multi-spindle and scalable, other departments joined to obtain strategic information, adding quizzes to take advantage of the synergy at a reduced cost.
    • Better perception by distributors, the implementation of this tool was perceived by retailers as a breakthrough in the relationship manufacturer vs. distribution.
    • Systematic collection of outputs and reports to Directors with no need to extract and process information obtained from expensive proceedings.

    There are other alternatives for capturing information in field, but most of them bases its operation on the system's standardization , subtracting capacity from adaptation to the company's needs , who wants to make decisions based on reliable data. Capture this type of information involves a high degree of specialization, involvement and experience. It has nothing to do with the systematic capture of information on retail, etc. The knowledge and experience of the logistics sector are our added values