Do not overload your staff structure for non-strategic tasks. If your industrial fleet demand grows fast, RELY UPON OUR SERVICES HUB options and let your traffic managers manage what is really important: Customers and charges.

desdícate to what is really important

The Problem

An important logistics operator, It had business growth forecasts double-digit for the following year. This meant acquiring them a significant amount of semi-trailers to meet growing demand and obtain the expected results.

In this context, he posed a problem:

  • Adding staff needed to the Traffic Department to be able to
    Customers manage more loads and, but also take more trailers rule.
    The address was not in favor of increasing the workforce.

The solution

Our team HUB Fleet Industrial devised a scheme whereby operating, It is responsible for managing all work out not transport: fleet management, control and negotiation workshops, tires, rotulistas, ITV’s, etc.


  • We managed to save the amount equivalent to the 22% of the budget assigned to repairs, managing the unit cost through a policy of supplier approval and direct supervision of repairs (especially tires, labeling and washed).
  • We provide Managers / Heads of Route an application in which a real image is reflected in the availability of Fleet.
  • Saving an amount considerabland penalties for noncompliance (confidential).
  • Significant reduction subcontracting additional vehicles, through proper management of its own fleet availability was optimized trailers.

There are many companies engaged Fleet Management, but almost all of them focus on commercial vehicles and renting. We respond effectively to the complexity and demands of your fleet.