If you own trailers are driven by subcontractors, our industrial fleets management is your best support to solve and prevent incidences on route (across Europe) y sobrecosteteam.

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The Problem

The peculiarities of each country of the European Union regarding the road transport of goods, are different. For this reason, nearly all enterprises with a certain volume of traffic in Europe is usually found with the typical problems.
Our client, a Multimodal logistic operator, had some issues with its international deliveries caused by breach of European standards of trnasport vehicles . When they break the rules concerning the tarpaulins,
(cracks or damages), required documentation of the vehicle or their insurance, etc. customers
they rejected the operation or impute penalties to the carrier.

It was causing them the following issues:

  • Cost: not envisaged repairs without approved suppliers/workshops.
  • Prestige: customers began to doubt about the solvency of the operator.

The solution

We implement a preventive maintenance system of the basic elements of
the fleet that could cause unforeseen, to reduce the impact to the truly imponderables.
Our team is responsible for coordinating fleet's maintenance and solve directly the incidences of carriers on route, giving solution to the problems that may arise.


  • Reduction in a 80%, of the incidences on route caused by a poorly maintained fleet (tyres in poor condition, plies disabled, incorrect signage, etc).
  • Improvement of the KPI's, regarding our customer's level in their delivery service.

We collaborate with your company sharing processes, whether you decide to directly control strategic KPIs, as if you need a total outsourcing. The flexibility that we offer is as varied as the efforts that we made.