Meet your carriers and requires adequate coverage cargo insurance and freight. With coordinates + you have an adequate level of compliance and will facilitate the task of verification and control hedge expirations, avoiding serious problems.

A safe bet for document management

The Problem

Logistics Operator, Customer for years, It found that external carriers had hired different types of Cargo Insurance, Goods, RC, etc. maturities and policies throughout the whole year.
This meant a nightmare at the time of control and resulted in substantial economic costs on an incident occur.

When notified of the mandatory accident, there were cases in which:

  • coverage not suited, did not cover the minimum assumptions.
  • The policy He was defeated.
  • Insurance available General Civil Responsibility, but no goods.

The solution

Coordinates adapt + including the different types of policy (Even cases of higher coverage than those established in the General Law especially valuable goods transport) and maturities.
This way the application notifies the maturity of each carrier and policy (quarterly, semiannual, annual) and keeps up to date applicable requirements on insurance matters and different toppings, according to each case.


  • Cost reduction compensation attributable to a 100%, whenever there is a disaster, It is covered by adequate coverage.
  • Updated information Maturities of each carrier insurance.
  • Regularization of hedges insurance by the standards of the Company.