Since 2006 we create and design technology-based services and solutions for the most diverse sectors. The experience with these companies has led us to develop specific services for an efficient information management , easing and optimizing those tasks that by volume and data flow, consume inefficiently enterprises' resources .

Our team

The professionals of Adding Plus are the driving force behind our activity. We share a set of core values: teamwork, communication and a high level of demand. We have experienced a strong and continued growth, with a vocation for innovation and diversification.

We currently have a large team of professionals who provide services together with a high degree of involvement and professionalism to deliver the most efficient management. Its multidisciplinary character is certainly an added value.

In Adding Plus we are committed to the stability and the professional development of our team, we work in an environment where valued work and the development of talent is a guarantee of motivation, achieving excellent committed and specialized professionals , the best asset that we have, without a doubt .


Adding Plus is a outsourcing company with a technological base that applies innovative and efficient solutions, providing value through process management, human, involved, responsible and rigorous.


We want to be a leader in the development of innovative technology solutions with the excellence of the human factor management. Our intention is to continue with this guide strategic decision-making, so the growth is based on service management, technology and innovation.


Adaptability: We have the ability to understand the complexity of the markets to create and deliver effective solutions that generate value to our customers.
Proximity: We are a unique team with our customers, We are proactive professionals who create, get involved and committed to the strategy of the company.
Innovation: We are constantly looking for creative solutions, effective and profitable.