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Mobile Reporting ® is an effective management report tool that allows to the / the commercial Director to obtain the relation of commercial visits in real time, and from his office (each visit is recorded at the time, leaving record of starting and ending), and with the certainty that visit has been done ( GPS position of the place visited ). Thus truthful and reliable information is obtained and saves time on administrative management and commercial, that no longer need to sit down and fill the damn report.

It is also a privacy respectful tool, it does not show the route path (tracking) as a normal GPS, it just registers the relevant points for information and in proactive way (It's the vendor who activates the locator). It's a SaaS application (software as a service) compatible with any smartphone equipped with Android or iOS operating system, so that your company should not invest in software, or developments or specific terminals.

You will pay a fee based on the number of user connected. It allows a wide flexibility in design of form fields, giving the possibility of preloading routes, note include mileage or expenses and all those variables that may be of interest specifically to your Address.