audit of your brand image

Global Audit and Inspection Company

Field data collection in real time

One of the main needs of the organizations is to obtain all data type that will help you make strategic decisions; investing lots of time and resources to this task.

Our field technicians audited, inspect and capture inputs, on the commercial network, products, stores, vehicle fleets, quality and process control, interior/exterior advertising, deployment of campaigns, customers or corporate image of your organization, etc. All this in real time through a secure technology base. We offer you full control.

  • Intuitive: Suitable for all types of profiles and online access from any device.
  • Multidepartamental: In a single platform they can report all departments. It's completely configurable, tailored to the needs of the different partners of your organization.
  • Productivity: Save time on administrative management, by monitoring the activity of your computer in real time and dumping information about DB.
  • Security: Risk elimination of lost or duplicate data and transcription errors .
  • Reliability: GPS location of data collection device.