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The solution to the accreditation of planned deliveries

Planned deliveries Accreditation | Adding Plus

Controla+ es una solución de movilidad para la accreditation of planned deliveries, joining in a single point all the information that you need, reducing your logistics costs and ensuring the service.


We know that you have the need of justify and guarantee the realization of the transport and the delivery of the goods at destination and time.

Not only practical interest is determined by the degree of harmonization of the Logistics Department, but by to reduce costs, increase reliability and streamline processes.

On the other hand, obtaining objective information of the service in real time, eases the process of decision-making and minimizes reaction times in incidents.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the penalties for failure to comply with time window increasingly higher?
  • Can you justify charging times, unloads, standby control, etc…with any document?
  • How do you guarantee that the merchandise arrives in optimum conditions?
  • How long it takes to close billing that causes the delay in the recovery of delivery notes?

What do we get in the different departments?


  • To. Logistics Department: Costs in penalties reduction.
  • To. Commercial Department: Information on waiting times will allow them to have strategic information on negotiations.
  • To. Financial Department: The certainty of delivery and the sealed document image, allows us to anticipate the arrival of the original billing.